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Summit Lockers


Phenolic Lockers • Plastic Lockers • Benches • Cubbies • Custom Designs


Summit Lockers™   provides high quality phenolic lockers, HDPE solid plastic lockers and locker room accessories. At Summit Lockers, we utilize the highest quality materials along with proven modern manufacturing techniques to create products that are visually attractive, safe, durable and ready for daily use.

 Our phenolic lockers are built using mortise and tenon construction with full overlay doors and stainless steel fasteners and hardware. Our phenolic lockers will not rust and are easy to disinfect. Phenolic resists moisture, mildew, chemicals and is impact resistant making it an ideal material for locker construction.

 We also offer locker room benches, cubbies, and many special use lockers. To find out more or submit a quote request contact us.


Innovative Locker Room Solutions

Summit Lockers are made in the U.S.A. using environmentally friendly recycled materials. Our Lockers are manufactured using precision equipment resulting in a consistent, high quality product. Our design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide a variety of custom products. Please contact us for more information.